Organize your papers Using Accordion Folder

Accordion Folder as the name suggests are the expandable letter printing file folder. These are multifunctional and are a perfect pick for the regular and varied uses at home and office. They are fabricated in such a way to withstand those repeated and malhandled usages at a busy school life. Through this blog we discuss about its practical use at offices and places other than offices.

Let us understand some of the key features and other minute details about Accordion  Folder- a useful organization tool available in the market here –

  • Super Durable Material and Portable – These letter sized plastic folder (ideal for A4 size sheets) are compact enough to slide in your backpack or a hand bag and not making you feel bulky anyway. They are sturdy enough to withstand the pressure on the backpack. They are made up of acid free polypropylene (pp) material, light weight, tough enough not to be torn, water proof and moisture resistance material. All these propertiesmakes them ‘on the go folders’ for long run.
  • Large Capacity – Accordion Folder are the expandable file folders comprising of multiple number of pockets ranging from 4 to 25. These pockets are excellent file dividers and make it an excellent organization tool. They provide a lot of space to keep safe large number of papers, providing best solution to carry examination papers, bills, currency notes, loose documents etc. A4 size paper easily fits in well, so the size is just the perfect one. Some folders also provide that extra plastic cover over each independent leaf to provide that extra protection and file divide.
  • Non-Slip – A snap button is attached on the extended leaf of the last flap to be ties on the front flap which ensure safety of all the papers loosely packed in the folder and nothing slips out of the file till the snap button is opened.
  • Tabbed Labels – File may carry large variety of documents kept in a compact way. Hence, each leaf is provided with separate tabs for labels to be neatly labelled with detailed contents which helps to sort the file into independent sections and keepthe folder well organized and so your work.
  • Excellent Gifting Idea – Apart from the regular home, school and office use these multifunctional accordion folders have emerged as useful and unique gifting options on the occasions of housewarming, business gift, promotions etc.
  • Sizes of these super sorters may vary from 12.8(L) x 9.6(W) x 0.8(H) to many other larger or smaller sizes and one can easily buy them online or from the physical stationary shops depending upon an individual needs.
  • Colorful Accordion Folder add a little charm to the much boring life of the filing work and in organizations where too much of filing work is done these color options act as a tool of filing work and organizing the file as per their contents.
  • These are very pocket friendly.

This accordion folder is the best option for the safety of the numbers of files at once. It is the best choice for home purposes, school office, etc. Accordion folder contains multiples pleated sides, which expanded the size of the folder. Mostly this folder is used by the organization for storing their important papers. We have best the accordion folder of best qualities and capability of each of them to holds up approx 200 sheets.

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