Let’s Clear The Clutter By Using File Folder In Our Daily Lives

File Folder are good organizers. As the name suggests, they are helpful to sort problems arising from messy arrangement of papers for official and unofficial purposes. These File Folder find utility in challenges arising both in the office and regular course of life. Commonly, these are referred to as Professional Folders, Document Holders, Certificate File Covers or Document Holders as well.

Here, in this content we discuss the various uses these File Folder have and the distinctive features and further details of the same, We also discuss about the various options and choices available in the market. This will however create general awareness about how to sort common discomforts arising out of clumsy living.

  • Mostly all documents are of A4 size, hence these File Folder are designed to carry loose documents and papers of such size. However, foldable triple layered file folder are also available to arrange larger sheets.
  • Each Folder may have a number of independent leaves made of transparent plastic material ranging from 8 to 30.As per the need and requirement of an individual they can easily be bought from the market.
  • These organizers are light weight, compact in design and can hold multiple number of documents systematically without typical bulking.
  • The outer cover of File Folder is made of hard Plastic material to keep the documents stable, sturdy and tear resistant. However, leather is also used to give it a professional and neat look. The leaves inside the folder are made of transparent plastic which helps to read through the document even when filed and ensures safety of the papers against moisture and other factors.
  • It is optional that every folder carries a lock but good File Folder usually are locked with a zipper, this ensures total safety of the documents kept inside once locked.
  • File Folder which have more number of leaves may have independent tabs to label the documents separately inside the file itself as against the files with less number of leaves. Each holder has a tab to label and mention details of the contents of the file on its face.
  • Sizes of the folders and leaves can be somewhere around 11.69 Inch(L) or 29.7 cm, 8.27 Inch(W) or 21 cm. Custom made sizes are also available.
  • Luxury File Folder also offer pen holders, cards holder tab. Few extra tabs to be used to keep currency notes, calculators etc. inside the folder which enables the end user to be sorted and travel light and compact when packed up to take away from one place to another.
  • Wide spread utility of these document holders have made them popular among the students, storekeepers, house wives etc.


This is the most dependable fashionable, organized, smart and trendy way to say good bye to the clutter spreading all over the desk in the office and chaos at homes and other places. A one stops solution to selecting documents as and when required with utmost ease without any fuss.

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