Pocket Folders most commonly known as “Presentation Folders” are such a helpful accessory in keeping important documents systematized and safe. Keeping things organized so well is a professional way of presentation. however these Pocket Folders are widely used as a part of office stationery, by the  students, professionals and even home makers to manage all necessary papers safely.

These are specially made from paper, vinyl or other materials useful to provide protection to the documents from dust, dirt and moisture.These folders come in variations of single pocket, legal size folder with one right pocket, a tri fold folder with three pockets etc. All such varieties are easily available in the market and can be bought depending upon an individual’s requirement. However, the most commonly used is the single Pocket Folders.

Folder Style

Folder style is more about the functioning of the folder rather than its looks.

  • A Bi-Folder is a popular choice since it folds into two- halves like a book and is very easy to use.
  • A Tri-Folder has enhanced capacity for storage because it folds into three pamphlets or leaf and is ideal to keep long papers etc.
  • A Landscape Folder is used horizontally.
  • A Portrait Folder is kept vertically and preferred by many.

Pocket Details

Several custom varieties of Pocket Folders are available and one can select among vertical pockets, rounded pockets and pockets cut into special shapes like serpentine shape. These definitely look stylish but they are made such to fulfill diverse requirements across the market. The most common is the rectangular pocket folders since most of the documents are rectangular in shape.

Pocket Folders were designed with single pockets but multiple pocket folders are also in high demand, comprising of double or multiple pocket options with variations in size and types of pockets to arrange specific things including stationery, visiting cards etc.

Folder Size

Pocket Folders sizes are flexible depending upon the purpose it is to be used. Ideally, a letter sized pocket folder is used to keep 8 ½’ by 11” document whereas a legal sized pocket folders is perfect choice for documents sized 8 ½” by 14”. These days expandable pocket folders are also flooding the market and offer multiple usage.


Some pocket folders have pockets attached with some adhesive for extra longevity and provide good storage capacity, while other folders have an unattached flap which acts like a cover inside the folder providing enhanced accessibility to the documents. Both the folders are just accurate and will function differently.

Extra Features

As already mentioned, these are office organization tools so they are available with added features of a business card holder pocket and tabs can also be added to ease the systematization. One can name, number and add further details on the face of the Pocket Folders to get an idea of the contents kept inside even before opening it.

Such an over view about the product will help in buying from a variety of folders available. The article make people well aware of many customized variety of such products.

You are professional in your work and you know how important any document or paper is to your organization. You can never leave these papers spread everywhere. Aspirations resume, office financial documents, project reports, presentations, whatever paper you have to keep them safe. You should use folders to keep a record of everything.

Pocket folders are mostly used for presentations, we should prioritize the use of pocket holders when you have to carry multiple presentations at once or take a few different papers with you at the same time. That’s why many cases are available in pocket folders so that you can easily keep various documents at once. We use premium quality materials for pocket holders and are the best organizer for folders.