File Folders Organizer by Lizz Express

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Customers reviews

These are made of sturdy plastic and won't suffer from degrading paper over time. There are four independent tabs and one extra in they front for to be filed it miscellaneous. I use one for the home and auto. Mortgage, property tax, appliances and such. The other I use for my children, school records, immunizations, and important meds. They are perfect. So glad I bought these. You will not be disappointed.
Lisa lovespink
The quality of these folders is amazing. They are durable, easy to store and the colors are great. They make organizing so much easier. They are plastic so I dont have to worry about them ripping while transporting. With the pockets it's easy to keep stuff organized with in as well. The clasp to keep them closed is an added bonus.
Emie Phillips
My work bag no longer looks like a hot mess. These folders have helped me keep all of my random papers organized. I use one for home papers and one for school papers and divide them up by classes. They are also great for personalization. The zipper pouch holds 3 packs of markers and pens still in their boxes!
Caitlyn P
I have been using these in my work bag to avoid having loose papers. There are enough pockets to keep it all organized but protected. I keep my to do list, papers for my kids schools, work papers, and coupons in there. So much easier than stuffing it in my purse or in the passenger seat of my car.
Megan Mohammadi
I ordered this item so my mail wouldn’t be all over my house. I like when a seller takes the time to drop a Thank You note in with items. The folders are a beautiful shade of purple and sea foam. I’ve already started organizing my mail in order of importance and I love it. Also, the price was great for two file folders.
Of my paperwork being all over the place at work so I gave these file folders a try. It came with a pencil case and the file folder case with a couple sleeves and a snap so nothing falls out. I absolutely love it and affordable
Maria Gallina
Perfect for our veterinary records for four dogs in one and medical for the humans in another. Love that they’re so durable, and save space even with their high capacity. 10/10 would buy again.
This is a very nice product, I was looking for a folder to use to keep all my taxes from past years separated, but in the same place (if that makes sense 🙂 this works great and is exactly what I needed. Good quality as well.
This folder has 4 slots but they are very wide and accommodate a lot of paper 🙂 There are 4 sheets of sticker labels so you can label things over and over The zipper pouch was a bonus for me. These are great for the price!
I use these to keep my bills organized and it's great. The waterproof bag is also a great addition to this pack as I put my important documents in there in case of emergency. I can just grab it and go.
This is so cool! It got plenty of space and it's durable so im not afraid to really use it. It also comes with tabs so you can label what you have in each slot.
Vanah B
Got these to organize my filing so my desk isn’t a disaster. The extra bag was handy and I found a use for it immediately! I may be getting more.
Got these as a gift for a teenage girl they are super cute and durable she loves them and I'll be happy to not see papers everywhere any more!
Destiny Sheets
I ordered these to keep our troop cookie stuff organized, and they are not disappointing. These are perfect for keeping everything straight, and so cute!
Great quality, perfect for what I needed them for! I am using mine for hostess packets for my home based business.
These are cute folders for keeping paperwork. I may end up buying more sets to move my hanging file paperwork into. The mesh bag it comes with isn’t very good, but I bought it for the folders so wasn’t too concerned about the bag
Leah Ja
These folders are well made the material is thick and durable. It expands and have sections to fit and divide documents. I use then to keep papers for my business.
I love these paper organizers.