Determine Shipping Rates
Shipping rates depend on the selected shipping.
To determine the applicable shipping rate for items in your Cart:
1. Select Proceed to Checkout
2. Select or add your shipping address
3. Select a shipping speed and select Continue
4. Select a payment method and select Continue
The total shipping & handling cost will be listed under Order Summary.

Shipping Zone 1: You’ll have the opportunity to select a faster shipping speed for each item in your purchase, if one is available.

Shipping Zone 2: The shipping speed will default to Standard shipping for addresses in Alaska and Hawaii.


Shipping Times to the Contiguous U.S.
When shipping within the contiguous U.S., your order will arrive within these delivery estimates based on your location and selected shipping speed.

Standard Shipping: 5 to 7 business days

Two-Day Shipping: Within 2 business days

One-Day Shipping: Within 1 business days

In many areas Saturday and Sunday delivery may be available. Delivery estimates for shipments to destinations that don’t have weekend delivery are based on two business day transit times, not including Saturday or Sunday.

Shipping Times to Alaska & Hawaii
When shipping to Alaska and Hawaii , your order will arrive within 7-8 business days these delivery estimates based on your location.



International Shipping Rates
The transit time for international orders is 7 – 14 business days. For customers who are from outside the United States, please fill out the order form to calculate the shipping price HERE


About Delivery Guarantees
We offer guaranteed delivery on certain fast delivery speeds and select products. When guaranteed delivery is available on an order, it will be clearly marked on the checkout.
◦ Your credit or debit card must be successfully charged before we to start processing to the order.
◦ The guarantee does not apply if we miss our promised delivery date because of an unforeseen circumstance outside of our control, such as a strike, natural disaster, or severe winter storm. Also, delivery scans might be inaccurate.
◦ An attempted delivery on or before the guaranteed delivery date meets our delivery guarantee.
◦ An offer by the carrier of a delivery appointment on or before the guaranteed delivery date meets our delivery guarantee.


About Carriers
Lizz Express uses UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, as well as regional couriers.
Lizz Express use Amazon Service (Fulfillment Services) to ship products across the U.S. and for international orders. The choice of carrier depends on various factors such as shipping location, destination location, size of package, value of contents in the package, promised delivery time frame. They uses multiple carriers shipping packages are mostly shipped via UPS. In case of destinations not served by UPS, alternate carries like FedEx/DHL are used.
If the estimated delivery date falls on a Saturday, then it is very likely that the package will be shipped via FedEx as UPS doesn’t deliver it on Saturdays.
Majority of the Free Super Saver shipping packages are shipped via USPS. In case if the products is expensive or bulky then it gets shipped via UPS.
If the product you ordered is available in a nearby warehouse (usually within a 40-50 mile radius), they partner with use regional carriers or local courier companies.


About Shipping Restrictions
Certain restrictions prevent us from shipping certain products to all geographical locations. Restrictions for specific items may require the purchaser to provide additional information in order to ship the item.
You’ll be notified at checkout if we’re unable to ship specific items to the address you’ve selected.
To determine your shipping location, we’ll use your default delivery address when you’re signed in to your account and has been set up.


Age Verification
Local/state laws or statutes may require you to verify your age in order to purchase certain age-restricted products. If age verification is required for your delivery address, you’ll be asked to provide your birth date as well as the details of an accepted form of identification. You can use one of the following forms of identification to verify your age:
• Military ID
• Most passports
• Driver’s license
• State ID
We will not accept other types of ID for age verification. If you do not have one of the accepted forms of ID, you will not be able to ship this item to your delivery address.


Contact us with any concerns.